Mommy & Me Bracelets Giveaway

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Pictures taken by my wonderful sisters. I love you girls!

Stella & Dot is a fabulous jewelry line inspired by and created for strong women. Featured in top fashion magazines such as InStyle, Vogue, and O Magazine just to name a few! What sets them apart from other online boutique companies is not only the versatility and  affordability of their collection (with half of their line being under $50), but most importantly their mission to raise money for women’s organizations around the world. They do this to enable women to live bold and joyful lives and make positive changes with grace and style.

Introducing the Stella & Dot Foundation …

“In creating a foundation, we wanted its mission to mirror the same mission we pursue in our business every day. And so, the Stella & Dot Foundation is focused on creating positive change in women’s lives through the support of organizations that promote women through education or economic empowerment. ”

Stella & Dot works towards this goal in two main ways. First, by providing a flexible career option that lends itself to stay at home moms becoming entrepreneurs. And second, they support causes such as Accion USA, BuildOn and Girls, Inc. in order to strengthen communities and empower women.

One of my favorite items from the foundation is their Mommy & Me matching foundation bracelets! My husband will tell you how much Naomi and I love dressing up together! It’s so much fun as she grows up to see her copy little things I do and try to be a big girl. It makes me want to set a good example and hopefully through my actions, help her become a strong, interdependent woman who loves life and believes in herself. And so when Naomi Rosenstein, a Stella & Dot stylist, sent me these little beauties and information about the Stella & Dot Foundation, I could not wait to try them on and share them with all of you.

The bracelets feature semi-precious stones such as jade, citrine and prehinite. Each comes with a Stella & Dot Foundation coin, a briolette charm and a signature Stella & Dot dot disc.  If just 15,000 bracelets are sold, they can build two schools, help hundreds of girls apply to Girls Inc., or help tens of women start their own businesses in the U.S. and in impoverished countries around the world. If you’re looking to make an impact and score some beautiful accessories, I would encourage you to check out their collection.


Here comes the fun part! Naomi R. and I have come together to give you the chance to win these gorgeous bracelets for you and your little one.

** And the winner of the Mommy & Me Matching Bracelets from Stella & Dot is ….

Congrats Mary! **

Email me your address at karen @ mychicbump dot com

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  1. This is sooo cute! I want one for me and my little turkey! (2 year old girl ;)) I followed all the steps!!

  2. Does Stella and Dot sell to retail places (like Anthropology) because I was looking at their picts on fb and Rowan got me some earrings that look identical to theirs!

  3. Love it, Karen my dear! I did all the steps and your little extra social networking ones as well. Way to go with the blog, you look fab! I love Stella & Dot, one of my BFF’s, her dad is the chairman! Great company!

  4. I love these pictures of you and your daughter! gorgeous girls!!! I followed all the steps for the giveaway!! “I’m so excited I just can’t hide it”

  5. Adorable!!! Love both!

  6. 1) I followed Naomi Rosenstein, Star Stylist with Stella & Dot on Stella & Dot on Facebook(Tearsa K)

    2) I left a comment on her Fan page telling us how you would style them(Tearsa K)

    3) I shared a link to this giveaway on my Facebook (Tearsa K)

    I liked MyChicBump on Facebook and Pinterest (

  7. I want those bracelets! they are adorable!

  8. I love giveaways! and this one is a cute one!! Hope I win!

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  10. […] *Don’t forget to enter our Mommy & Me Matching Bracelets Giveaway!!* […]

  11. I just wrote the most awesome, and personally, the most inspiring entry on Naomi Perkins Rosenstein’s page. Even if I don’t win, I just hope you read it! Love you Karen! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

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