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Photographs taken by Lizzy Jean Photography

Top: H&M (similar style here) | Pants: Last seen here | Shoes:  Kate Spade (Last seen here ) } Bracelet: Similar style here | Earrings: H&M (similar style here)

For a look that is casual but always on trend, you don’t necessarily need special tips or tricks. Some of my favorite looks are classics that worked well yesterday, look great today and will still be beautiful tomorrow. A great example of this kind of timeless style is polka dots. This fun pattern has been popular for decades and maintains it’s place in modern wardrobes because it’s just the right balance of structured pattern and playful fun.

For those willing to dabble in dots there are tons of options available to you. Whether in pants, coats, dresses, hosiery or accessories you are sure to find something that fits your style. And it is such a classic print that you can have in your closet forever.  If you’re not sure where to start, you simply can’t go wrong with a fluid polka dot blouse. It works for day and night and as can even have a slimming effect if you get the right type of dot. For example, the blouse I’m wearing here has a black base color which gets things going in the right direction, and is complemented with smaller polka dots so that it plays more as a pattern, instead of the bulbous lady bug look.

As a general rule, try to avoid wearing large polka dots. There is a time and place where they can look great but the 9 months when you’re body is playing tricks on you isn’t one of them. Also, wearing polka dots from head to toe may flatter a taller, thinner body because it adds interesting curves to your shape but again, take it easy on your pregnant body and stick with one piece at a time. In other words “pick your spots.” haha

If you’re still looking for some extra flair try adding a modern twist to this classic polka dot shirt, by pairing it with bold colored pants for a playful accent. Especially when you’re working with a black or dark colored top to minimize your size, your pants give you the opportunity to throw some excitement in the  mix. Bring in fun colors that match the season and that can add a kick of life to normal dreary winter clothing options. If you’re not quite sure about the full colors pants, you can get a similar effect by wearing matching shoes and accessories to add balance while exploring color pops more cautiously.

So whether you’re a dare devil watching the cutting edge of fashion, or a bit more on the conservative site, polka dots can and should be your friend. They work for the home, the office or a night out with your hubby (or girlfriends) and will always be in style. Use bright colors in creative ways to draw attention where you want it and rock that chic, polka dot bump!

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  1. I recently found your blog and am already a huge fan. Thanks for sharing your new adventure with us, and for proving that you can still be just as trendy while pregnant!


  2. I just have to say I love your blog for many reasons but the main being you buy stuff that normal people can actually afford. My biggest pet peeve are fashion blogs that aren’t realistic for the average person. I can’t spend $200 to $300 on every item on my body. So keep it up! Love it!

  3. HOW in the WORLD do you look so good when you are about to pop?! 🙂 beautiful outfit!!!! looooooove it.

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