From Bump to Baby

In Maternity chic on January 7, 2013 at 1:13 am

November 23, 2012. Naomi became an older sister, I became a mother of two and we became a family of four. It was the day we first laid eyes upon our sweet baby girl. Camila, and from that day on our lives have never been more sweet, our hearts more full, our lives more enriched. We wanted to commemorate that special day by documenting her birth every step of the way. Everything from waiting through each contraction leading to the moment her warm, little body was placed in my arms.  We were lucky enough to have our friend, Heather Telford present that day to document such unforgettable moment for us through her photography. We couldn’t be more happy with her work. Here are some of the pictures she captured from that unforgettable day. These pictures are worth a thousand words to us … times a thousand! Enjoy!

birth story 6birth story 2Birth story 1birth story 5birth story 4birth story 14birth story 9birth story 3birth story 15birth story 11birth story 10birth story 13birth story 16birth story 18birth story 17birth story 19birth story 20 birth story 21 birth story 22


{Newborn pictures coming soon so stay tuned!}

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  1. I loved reading this! I specially loved looking at the pictures!

  2. Such a beautiful new adddition to our family!

  3. Is this fake? Who looks that amazing giving birth!? Sooo jealous. Congrats to the beautiful family

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