The Xtend Barre Challenge

In Fitness on January 30, 2013 at 1:41 am

As you all know, I’ve been talking about getting in shape after giving birth as one of my goals for this year (Read more here). I knew that for me it would be really hard to workout at home so I was looking for a gym/club that was close to home. I had a hard time finding something that was a good fit for me though because while I know the basics, I don’t know every move, stretch, and diet. I feel lost or out of place in a gym because everyone else seems to know exactly what they’re doing. I considered working out with a personal trainer to walk me through everything but it was expensive and my schedule had to be more flexible with the kiddos.


So while my wonderful husband and thoughtful mom were watching Naomi and Camila, and I was trying out anything that had to do with exercise within 15 minutes of my house, the Xtend Barre opened up. That’s when I met Nicole, who told me all about the combination of pilates and dance that made Xtend so unique and effective. I realized it for myself when she gave me a tour of their beautiful place and it looked more like a dance studio than a gym or exercise club. At first that was equally intimidating but at least it felt closer to something I really enjoy (Latin women are born dancing!).


I was really worried about getting bulky when I started working out (which was the last thing I wanted after having carried plenty of excess bulk for 9 months already). That’s why Xtend was extra appealing. Because they mix the aerobic benefits of dancing with the flexibility and toning of pilates, it feels like a true lady’s workout. Nicole invited me to try it out one day and I loved it. The classes are small enough to feel personal and the instructor is there helping everyone hold the pose just right and explaining which muscles you’re supposed to be using and how it’s supposed to feel. That made a huge difference for me because it’s so easy to have bad posture and cheat yourself on accident. Not here though! They make sure to help everyone do the exercises correctly and feel comfortable and confident even for those without a background in dance.


After that I was hooked. Nicole challenged me to come for a month and see the results in how I looked and felt and I jumped right on it. As I continue to go I’ll share pictures of what I learn, tips and tricks, and maybe highlight a few of the awesome instructors to give you a better feel for it. And you know what the icing on the cake was? They have the cutest place for kids to play and nicest people there to watch your kids while you work out. Naomi has so much fun it’s always hard to get her to come home to take a nap! Haha, I guess she’ll be my extra motivation to go if I ever get lazy or tired.


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  1. I LOVE the barre classes! I took Pure Barre right after I had my baby along with eating healthy and breastfeeding and I shed my baby weight plus some in no time! It is an expensive work out though 😦 That’s awesome your place has a kids area! I’ve had to quit going because of that but I did buy the videos to do at home but it’s just not the same! Good luck and enjoy! So much fun!

    PS. I love your blog:)

  2. Great blog post about Xtend Barre! I’m an Xtend Barre instructor in Orange County, CA and it transformed my body like never before. Not only is it a great workout for all fitness levels, but it’s safe for pregnant women (with doctor’s permission of course). Helps keep you strong throughout your pregnancy and helps you bounce back quicker. Love Xtend Barre!

  3. […] may have seen my post talking about the Xtend Barre Challenge and my first impressions working out there. In short, it was awesome! Beautiful facilities, great […]

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