The Daily Dish Contest {CLOSED}

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For all my Utah readers, I have some exciting news to share with you today! I’ve been invited to be a guest on  ABC4′s The Daily Dish, March 25th, where I’ll be highlighting several Spring maternity looks. My plan was to style and bring 3 models but then thought it would be extra fun to bring a reader with me. So we have decided to bring another model, one of you!

In order to pick who will be coming along with me to the show, we’ll be having a mini contest. The winner will be personally styled by Mychicbump, get to wear one of the gorgeous outfits we’ll be highlighting during the segment, get to appear on TV, and have a meet & greet with the gals behind Mychicbump over lunch, our treat!

In order to enter, you must …..

  • #1 requirement BE PREGNANT
  • Be a follower of Mychicbump via Email (Click on the ‘Follow’ button on the bottom right side corner)
  • Take a picture of your pregnant self, post it to Instagram with #mychicbump @karenzaro
  • Leave a comment on the blog explaining why you’d like to come.

For additional entries …

Contest runs until 11:59pm on Friday, March 15th

Feel free to nominate your friends! I can’t wait to see all of your cute pregnant pictures!

Good luck!

New years 5

  1. Hello everyone at Mychicbump!! I have followed you since I found out I was pregnant and love your maternity style! I would love to participate because being pregnant is already an amazing journey and why not do something spontaneous as well!? I am 6 months and couldn’t be more excited I already have a 4 year old and now we are expecting a girl!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate!

  2. I am so excited for mychicbump!! I wish I was pregnant to participate!! Good luck to everyone who participates!!

  3. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to be styled by my chic bump! When it came down to bring out the maternity clothes this time around I about died at what I pulled out! Horrendous! Then I found your blog and it has showed my items I could rock while prego that I never even thought of! Now when I actually DO get ready 🙂 I am finding I get more compliments. (Which are much needed and appreciated while undergoing a massive body change) So thank you for this opportunity and I hope I get to meet you!

  4. What a wonderful opportunity! I would love to be styled by the mychicbump team. This is my second pregnancy and I could really use some styling assistance. I visit this blog often for inspiration and it truly has helped so much. I’m extra busty during this pregnancy and that’s sometimes a bit of a struggle. I would love to see what styles would work best for my figure. I’m 24 weeks this week and my baby girl is due July 3rd. Good luck to everyone!

  5. Hello! My name is Christina Riddle Rice and I’m 23 years old. I think I would be great for this contest because I am so very inspired by finding ways to look cute while pregnant. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and while it is becoming more challenging to style my ever-growing self, I still use accessories and of course, heals to let fashion conquer my belly. I stay up to date with what’s in style with fashion and try to improvise to make it work for me! Having said all of that, I would ADORE being styled by so I can rock chic new trends!

  6. Hey MyChicBump! I love the blog’s style and fashion tips! I would like to nominate my friend Melissa Anderson. She is adorable and 8 months pregnant with her family’s first baby! She is of a petite build with a happy and optimistic personality. The MyChicBump team would have so much fashioning up her belly. 🙂 Love all your work. This will be my homepage when I am pregnant. 😀

  7. I love that you are doing this! I’m pregnant with our first (22 weeks!), and have been absolutely loving being pregnant! When my bump became really noticeable a couple of weeks ago, I
    was scared to start looking for maternity gear that would look so different from my current clothes. When my sister showed me your site I became instantly obsessed and inspired!! I love that there are so many trendy and cute ways to show off your bump without looking blah!!! I’d love to learn more in person and being styled would be so amazing!! Not everyone thinks of beauty in pregnancy but I think websites like yours really knock off all the cliches about looking awkward during pregnancy. You have shown us how to look fabulous!! It would be an insane bonus (on top of the miracle happening inside of me) to be associated with your site and help show women that you can still be stylish/glamorous and ever so fabulous while being pregnant!

  8. Hello to all at mychicbump!!! I am currently 25 weeks pregnant (as of today) and would love the opportunity to model some of your clothes!! I have been having a tough pregnancy with severe morning sickness until 20 weeks and battling severe asthma. Something to lighten this experience is just what I am looking for and to wear your stylish clothes is even better!! Thank you for letting your fans/followers in on this journey!!

  9. What an awesome contest! thank you so much for putting together a wonderful blog to celebrate pregnancy! this is my 3rd pregnancy and i am now 6months along. i enjoy having children and being pregnant is hard and wonderful all at the same time 🙂 i dont feel as cute as i normally do, and have had my ups and downs this time around for sure! Severe morning sickness for 20 weeks and some other unpleasentries, so I would love the opportunity to get dolled up and model some cute clothes! Every pregnancy deserves some pampering right!? Thanks again for the awesome contest and celebrating motherhood and “the bump”! 🙂 would love to come!!
    -Heather Jenson

  10. And I followed on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for extra entries 🙂 thanks!

  11. […] out there! I wish I could take you all! But unfortunately I can only bring one. And the winner of the Daily Dish Contest  is […]

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