Motherhood by Robin Harward

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Motherhood by Robin 9
Thoughts on Motherhood …
  • Becoming a mother was the most exquisite and natural transition I have ever made. It is my most favorite thing in the whole world. I had expected my new life to be so foreign and strange but instead it is wonderful and exactly as it should be.  Everything felt familiar and I felt as if I’d known this little person my whole life and I knew exactly what to do to take care of him. He had just joined our family and yet I felt I knew the contents of his soul. I couldn’t get over the fact that I had this perfect little human that was half of myself and half of my sweet husband and he was all ours. It hasn’t even been a year since Henry joined our family, and I can’t seem to recall what a day in my life was like before that glorious day of his arrival and I don’t want to. Our lives were forever changed and forever made so much better. As I have been blessed to watch him grow over the last 11 months, my patience and sanity have been tried as every sleep-deprived new mother knows. It’s been a sacrifice so exhausting and exhilarating. It may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done however I am happier than I’ve ever been and even more than I thought I ever could be. I can’t think of any other way I would choose to spend all my days, than with my sweet, little Henry man.

Motherhood by Robin 4

What has been the best breastfeeding advice you’ve received?
  • Probably the best advice I’ve been given wasn’t necessarily delivered as advice but I took the most from it. My mom and I were on vacation in Las Vegas and we were sitting in a crowded restaurant. The baby was getting pretty fussy and so I asked my mom if we could leave so I could feed him. She gave me a look and told me that nobody was paying attention or even cared and that I should just do it at the table. The thought made me really uncomfortable even though I knew I could be really discreet with a loose fitting top and a nursing cover. She then told me that just outside of that restaurant were thousands of women exposing a lot more of their body’s than I would be and that I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about feeding my child in a public place. It’s a natural, beautiful ability that we’ve been given as women, we shouldn’t let other people make us feel weird about it. From this experience, I have tried to always keep this in mind and just be concerned with what is best for my baby.
Motherhood by Robin 10
What helped you the most with dealing with discomforts and worries of pregnancy?
  • My husband. He was so sweet to me and so mindful of my every need. I had a preterm labor scare at 33 weeks and he slept next to me in the hospital on what had to be the smallest, firmest and most uncomfortable couch in the world. He calmed my imagination when I would paint him horror story pictures of labor and was by my side at every birthing class. He gave me massages on the daily, followed me around so I didn’t have to struggle to bend over to pick things up or get out of chairs. He really was (and still is!) a dream.
 Motherhood by Robin 11
What advice would you give to first time mothers that you wished you would’ve received?
  • I would say that labor and delivery are not scary. I was so scared and lost a lot of sleep thinking about it and stressing over whether I was prepared enough. It is definitely difficult, especially if you decide to do it naturally like I did, but the moment the doctor hands you your baby for the first time, you forget all about it. It will be the most wonderful and beautiful moment of your life. I look back on that day, as difficult as it was, as the most perfect day of my life. I would go through the labor and delivery again and again, just to relive that breathtaking moment.

Motherhood by Robin 8

Contents of my messy diaper bag… 🙂
robins diaper bag essentials 2
  • I have been using a hobo wallet for the past few years and it is fantastic. These little wallets can hold so much stuff. It has been so nice when I have to leave the baby, I can just pass over my whole diaper bag and take my wallet with me. It can hold a checkbook, lipstick, it has a space to connect my keys to it, it even comes with a little mirror! I am always good to go.
  • YSL lipstick – I always keep a good red with me such as Rose Paris.
  • Peek! Little Peanut baby beanie from Nordstrom in brown, similar style here – I always have a beanie with me because of this crazy Utah weather
  • “Thank You” card – I try to keep at least one with me at all times because I love giving cards and acknowledging sweet little everyday things people do for me. I usually just find any cute ones at Target but right now I’m really loving Rifle Paper Co.
  • Freeze dried fruit for the baby. Henry really likes bananas and peaches. 🙂 You can buy these in bulk a lot of places, but I have been getting little packs at Target.

 A special thanks to my darling friend, Robinett for sharing with us her thoughts on motherhood and new mom advice!

Motherhood by Robin 1

And if you can’t get enough of baby Henry’s pictures here is our favorite one!  We dare you not to smile!! #GangnamStyle

Motherhood by Robin 5

What a little stud!

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  1. cutest family!

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