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My Pregnancy

During the long and lovely 9 months of pregnancy I somehow managed to gain almost 70 pounds!!!  I’m only 5”1 so for someone my size, that is A LOT! In addition to almost being 2 weeks over due, I found out I had Pre-eclampsia right after delivery.  That did not help with the weight because you gain water weight like a whale!!! I was forced to have an emergency c-section which also puts a damper on quick weight loss after baby.

I was always a petite girl and so naturally EVERYONE and their mom told me the lies of advice that I wish I had never heard, “you will be back to your skinny self in no time… you will be one of those girls who can wear her skinny jeans home from the hospital… I bet you won’t gain any baby weight at all!”  Never say that to anyone!  I had it in my mind that I would have no problem shedding the weight.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I was starting to worry about how much weight I was putting on.  The doctors said it was normal, but I could not for the life of me stay full! (I swear that my baby was going to be a sumo wrestler or 20lbs, although he was over 9 pounds!!!) If I could go back I would definitely start an exercise routine from the beginning and be more aware of the food I was putting in my body. I have learned a lot more now about what foods are healthy AND keep you full.

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Now to the diet….

I knew how to eat healthy, but I wanted something extreme to kick start my body.  After a few weeks of not losing much and getting discouraged, I went and stayed with my sister-in-law while our husbands were away for work.  She knows a lot about health and has done many juice fasts and raw eating.  We cut out sugar, dairy, and gluten for 5 weeks.  I’m not going to lie, it was hard for the first few days to be off sugar.  I didn’t realize how much of it I ate until I couldn’t! Every morning we would start with a green drink.  (A blended drink with fruit and spinach, my baby loves them too!) There are lots of recipes you can try, but we would just throw together whatever fruit we had.  If you are scared of spinach, just start with a few pieces and add more each drink!   We ate a lot of drive thru salads, bananas with peanut butter, and scrambled egg mixtures.  I ended up losing about 15 pounds in those 5 weeks!  During that time I felt so good!  My body felt very clean and like it was running at my best! There are so many people eating healthy right now that it is easy to get recipes and ideas from other people, you just have to look!

I definitely lost the most weight between 5-7 months post baby.  I think a lot of it had to do with being more active and nursing!  My 22 pound baby was eating and eating, which helped me burn more calories.  I committed to go on more walks outside or even around malls or grocery stores.  I wanted to be moving more than sitting!  It hasn’t been the easiest to stick to that strict diet.  On most days I still try to cut out sugar and gluten, and fill my meals with lean meats and vegetables.  If I do eat bad, I try to just stay positive and do my very best.  Nobody is perfect!  You have to find what works for you and what makes YOU feel good. After the weight slowed down I started going to the gym to lose those last 10 pounds!  My favorite for cardio is the stair stepper or the bike.  If I had my choice, I would attend a Yoga class every day.  It definitely makes me feel so relaxed and ready to take on a new day! Bottom line… GET MOVING!

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My favorite healthy snacks

  • Carrots with individual packs of hummus (from Costco)
  • Greek yogurt with healthy granola
  • Apples with organic peanut butter or cheese stick
  • Avacado with ANYTHING
  • Trail mix, and throw out the M&M’s if you are brave J

My favorite things to make a healthy meal

  • Quinoa (there are so many good recipes, I add it to all my salads too)
  • Pesto tilapia
  • Plain oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla, and fresh peaches- or any fruit
  • Asparagus baked in the oven with olive oil (soooo good)
  • Fruit salad and chicken (any fruit and veggies you have, mix chicken in some plain greek yogurt, salt –pepper, then lettuce and yum!)

As far as weight goes… it took me about 7-8 months to get back to my pre-baby weight and lose almost 60 pounds.  My body is still not where I want it to be, I’m quite sure it never will be.  I just keep reminding myself that I had a baby, a giant one at that.   It is definitely embarrassing to post pictures of my lovely baby body for lots of people to see, but I hope that it can give at least one person motivation!

In today’s world it is very hard for women to have any self esteem.  There is such a large shoe to fill for moms to be so skinny and perfect after a baby.  I got very discouraged and self conscience for a long time, thinking that I would just be a chubby mom forever.  I wish that I had someone’s story to read and tell me that it is normal to look the way I did, and that not everyone has such an easy time losing the weight.  I know that some people take even longer than me to lose it! Don’t ever quit trying!!! If you eat a donut and feel like giving up, just eat it with a smile and start fresh in the morning. Babies are a blessing and our bodies go through so many miracles and changes to make them!  It’s a reminder to me each day that my body made a human being.

My wish is that if you are reading this, love your babies and your body!  You are wonder woman and can do anything you set your mind to!

– XOXO Megan Crane

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  1. What am amazing journey! Im finding myself in a similar situation after my second baby was born I found not even my maternity clothes to fit! I was so frustrated & upset with my body! After my first baby was born before I left the hospital I had already lost 30 pounds! But happy to say 6 week post baby number 2 im down 15 pounds and I have joined a mommy work out group!

  2. Darling, you are beautiful! I don’t have any children yet, but I plan to in the near future. Please don’t be embarrassed by these pictures…be proud! We have so much pressure to be beautiful, when we should feel pressure to just be healthy! Your story is very inspirational…thank you for sharing!

  3. Real inspiration right here

  4. Such an inspiring story! You go girl…
    Just had a baby myself and too much weight too. Getting back to shape is hard especially after c-section. But your story made reconsider my attitude.
    I CAN do it.

    • You are amazing girl! Way to be strong for so many months!!! You are right, pregnancy is a blessing and we are lucky to get to do it. Great article!

  5. Oh man, this is so similar to my first pregnancy/postpartum. Everyone was all “oh you’ll lose the weight no problem” “just nurse and it’ll fall right off”. I nursed that little munchkin for 13 months, and didn’t lose the weight till I got pregnant with the second baby. It was such a kick in the stomach after hearing about how everyone lost the weight so easily after having their babies, and I didn’t. Now it is one thing I tell mamas “don’t listen to anyone else about weight falling off, listen to yourself and be healthy.”

    Also, after the second baby I had to work my butt of to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. It was killer, but oh so worth it!

    And, you look AMAZING, keep up the good work!

  6. AMAZING post!! You’re gorgeous, Megan!! Thanks for sharing your pictures and I think you look AMAZING now! Wow!!! What a difference!

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