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Dress to Distress: Quick Go-to Outfit for Busy Moms

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As featured on Mom’s Best Network! Find outfit details under Floral Skinnies = Feeling Good Pregnancy Style

Floral print pantsFloral print pantsFloral print pantsFloral print pantsFloral print pantsFloral print pantsFloral print pants

Photos by Jessica Bishop, Byjessphotography  |  Model: Melanie Yeats

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5 Ways to Style Your Favorite Summer Maternity Dress

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I am so excited to be collaborating with the gorgeous blogger, Shannon Bird of Bird A La Mode, to show off 5 Different ways to dress up your bump! Mother of one (with another on the way),  Shannon always looks so put together and has a great eye for fashion. Did I mention that she is a former Utah Jazz NBA cheerleader? Talk about super woman!! Here are her 5 tips on how to style your favorite summer maternity dress. 

Dress: Felicity & Cocoa (similar here + here ), Shoes: Classiques Entier,(similar here) Necklace: Tiffany’s , Lips: YSL,

Top: JCrew Factory

Crop top, similar here

Cream Cardigan, similar here

Peach Blazer, similar Here

 Denim Jacket: on sale!!

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Neon & Stripes, Oh My!

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Striped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressMCB073Striped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressStriped Maternity Dress

Photos by Jessica Bishop, Byjessphotography  |  Model: Melanie Yeats

Dress: Isabella Oliver  |  Hat: Target  |  Clutch: Target  |  Sandals: Prabal Gurung

Whether on the beach, running errands or chasing kids, this look brings easy comfort to your busy day. Full length ruching plays well on your growing belly and bends with you while accentuating your best curves! We are loving the Betty Striped Maternity Dress from Isabella Oliver!

Play with pops of color to add personality for a fun summer look. For added flare, think Neon! Combine with playful accessories for a casual, yet chic statement.

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**A special thanks to the gals from The Daily Dish for inviting us to the show on Monday and of course, to my beautiful models/moms-to-be/superwomen who came with me and allowed us to dressed them up!  I couldn’t have done it without each one of you!**

For a link to see video of the show, go to Features

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The Sweater Dress

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Sweater dress @MychicbumpSweater dress 4 @MychicbumpSweater dress 7 @MychicbumpSweater dress 2 @MychicbumpSweater dress 5 @MychicbumpSweater dress 6 @MychicbumpSweater dress 3 @Mychicbump

Photography by Heather Telford Photography

Coat: Similar style here | Dress: Old, similar style here | Maternity Leggings:  Topshop | Boots: Last seen here

Having to bundle up with too many layers of clothing can be uncomfortable and frustrating when you’re pregnant, especially during the cold winter months. So how do you you keep warm while staying chic and comfortable? Sweater dresses of course!

Sweater dresses are one of the most current trends in Winter wear because they not only keep you warm and cozy, but they look stunning as well!

Wearing a sweater dress is comfortable, but just as important, it’s fashionable. And since sweater dresses are already in the closets of women everywhere from before they were pregnant, why not take advantage of the stretchy comfort to complement your pregnant belly? You can find sweater dresses in any number of styles and designs that are made to provide a close but comfortable fit and a terrific look.  The best thing about sweater dresses is that its a way to wear sweaters without looking baggy and frumpy. Instead, a well fitting sweater dress hugs a woman’s curves and highlights her sexiness, always a plus when you may not feel your hottest while trying to dress up your baby bump.

Sweater dresses can be work for most occasions, including more formal looks with a tailored jacket or blazer, or a more casual style when paired with leggings. If you’re feeling adventurous, try wearing it with colored leggings for a casual, but cool look that gives colors from your dress some extra pop.

As far as accessories, try a fun scarf and dangly earrings to look extra put together for your date with your hubby. Your shoes will depend on the occasion but this outfit is flexible enough to work with a ballet flat (casual) or a pair of heels or pumps (formal/sexy) when you’re at work or out on the town. Boots can also give your outfit a chic touch just make sure they’re the right length so you elongate your legs as much as possible to look longer and leaner!

Wishing all of my ladies out there an amazing International Women’s Day today. Feel inspired!

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Stay Stylish in Ultimate Comfort

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@copyright MyChicBump@copyright MyChicBump@copyright MyChicBump@copyright MyChicBump@copyright MyChicBump@copyright MyChicBump@copyright MyChicBump@copyright MyChicBump@copyrigth MyChicBump

A special thanks to Lizzy Jean Photography

Maternity cardigan, Seraphine Maternity | Dress, similar style here | Shoes, as seen here

This gorgeous cardigan from Seraphine is definitely one of my favorites! I must have worn it 3-4 times a week towards the end of my pregnancy! Everything from the cut/shape to its lavish soft feel, makes this item a definite must-have on my wardrobe! When worn open, it drapes beautifully around your body and gives a sense of elegance and grace. When worn closed, its asymmetrical shape draws attention away from your growing bump because of it’s interesting neckline and the lines it creates around your body. Its wool/cashmere  blend keeps you warm and cozy, perfect for this chilly weather! And  most importantly, it provides great length which is great for making you look taller/leaner (at 9mo pregnant who wouldn’t want that!). Plus, after you give birth it works as a great nursing cover! Talk about versatility!

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On Trend: The Treggings

In Maternity chic, Outfits, Trends on November 11, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Pictures taken by Lizzy Jean Photography

Jacket: Kohls ,  Top: White House/Black Market (similar style here), Treggings: Seraphine Maternity, Necklace: Previously seen here

Leggings have become an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe recently and pregnancy is no exception. You’ve heard me talk about their comfort and style here, here, and here. But today I’m doing one better. Let me introduce you to the legging’s elegant upgrade, the Tregging!

So what’s the big difference between leggings and treggings, you might ask. What sets it apart is that Treggings lean more towards the trouser/pant end of the style spectrum than leggings. Whoa whoa whoa! You mean I can wear them as regular pants? That’s right! And not only that but it still gives you the benefit of the stretch and comfort fit of leggings.

With Winter fast approaching, having something slightly thicker (and much warmer) to wear is a lifesaver. Treggings are great for that but the right pair can provide much more than just warmth. The Seraphine Treggings I’m wearing here are a gorgeous combination of comfort, style and smart touches. They are made with really high quality material so it’s not only warmer, but it will last longer, look nicer and keep its shape better over time.

Having more styling flexibility while still keeping the comfort and stretch that made leggings so popular is amazing! Seraphine has added several nice touches that really sell the pant look and make all this possible. First, the line down the front of the leg is a really slick trick. It makes it obvious that there is some structure to the pant and gives it a stylish, tailored look. It also elongates the body and has a slimming effect because of the continuous line it creates down your legs.

Another great feature is the “under-bump’ cut, unlike maternity pants which wrap over your belly to stay in place. Both fits have their benefits but the under-bump cut definitely adds to the pant feeling. It is also what makes it possible to wear all types of tops and make it look great. In this outfit I’m wearing a normal cut shirt and layering it with this awesome tweed jacket for a stylish casual look. For an evening look, pair Treggings with an elegant top or tunic like the LUXE tunic worn here.

Something that may get overlooked if you’re not careful but that makes a big difference are the working, usable belt loops! It’s another nod to a trouser feature and opens up all kinds of possibilities with belts, scarves and other waist accessories. This lets you be creative with your belt placement and mix it up a bit with color and style.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your look heading into Winter and want to stay on trend, Treggings may be just the right fit for you.

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The Perfect White Blouse

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Photographs taken by Lizzy Jean Photography

Top: Isabella Oliver, Pants: Previously seen here (similar style here, Maternity skinny jeans here), Necklace: Hello Fab!, Shoes: Last seen here

The world of pregnancy style can feel overwhelming, especially to first timers. But if you ever find yourself borrowing one of your husband’s white dress shirts, DON’T DO IT, put it back, and step away from his closet. No matter what you may have heard, you can’t actually turn that into an empire-waist dress shirt, and it will not turn out as flattering as you want it to. That being said, when you do find a real empire-waisted top, it fits right, looks incredibly feminine and can do wonders for dressing up your growing bump. So instead of that baggy man shirt, let’s go with a beautiful white blouse that’s meant for you!

But where can you find that perfectly fitting piece to keep you looking great through maternity? Look no further than the Isabella Oliver collection. They have a broad assortment of great items designed specifically for fashion-conscious women, that happen to be pregnant. I love their attention to detail, high quality material and flattering tailored fit. It makes for an effortless, chic look. Making an investment in a beautiful, well fitted white blouse like this one is a smart choice. You should be looking for one that is versatile and has a classic look, like with an empire waist, that can last you through multiple pregnancies. A white blouse is a pregnancy wardrobe essential, no matter the season.

What I love about this specific piece is that it’s high-quality, simple and yet elegant. You can see the great attention to details in the open structured collar, additional working buttons on the sleeves, the perfect extra length in front and back (to accommodate your little bundle) and especially the delicate looking but sturdy sash around the waist. The super functional sash was a great surprise when I tried it on as it is spaced just right on my torso, slightly wider than expected and can handle being pulled tight to highlight my shape in all the right ways.  It helps because it allows you to tweak the already great fit slightly to accentuate your upper chest and make your rib cage appear as though it’s smaller than it really is. All this makes for a distinctly feminine look that works great on a pregnant body.

Bonus Styling Tips:

  • Wear it with a pair of dark trousers or tailored pants for the office
  • For a more casual look try it with jeggings or maternity jeans
  • Date night deserves heels and a statement necklace like this fabulous find from Hello Fab

*Don’t forget to enter our Mommy & Me Matching Bracelets Giveaway!!*

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A Touch of Luxe

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A special thanks to my sister Melanie for helping me with this photo shoot!

Top: Seraphine Maternity (Luxe Collection), Treggings: Seraphine Maternity, Shoes: Similar style here, Purse:  White House/Black Market (Last seen here)

I’ve been hesitant in the past to buy lots of maternity specific clothes, but Seraphine Maternity is one of the main reasons I’ve come to change my mind. They have done an outstanding job catering to exactly what a pregnant woman wants and needs. Not only in size and fit but in bringing luxury and high style to pregnancy. And you all know how much I love looking chic! They’ve done such a good job in fact, that Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller and Angelina Jolie are also wearing the high quality European designer for their pregnancies.

But more than for their A-list clients, the quality of the materials they use, the inspiration they take from the latest fashion trends and their carefully thought out designs which flatter and provide comfort are what has made me fall in love with Seraphine and their Luxe maternity collection.

I recently got this gorgeous black and gold tunic which has become one of my favorite pieces. This elegant top instantly transformed my view of maternity clothes. I thought this was going to be a regular tunic but boy was I wrong! It feels so flowy and feminine I almost wanted to spin around like my daughter wearing a fun dress for the first time. It is incredibly light and comfortable because of it’s silky, sheer material and feels like a dream to wear. I’m a huge fan of outfits that feel and fit great, while still looking chic and trendy, and this doesn’t disappoint.

It is beautifully designed. The black base color has a slimming effect on the body and makes the metallic gold pattern pop that much more. As a tunic the length is also a huge plus because it doesn’t stop at your widest point but instead creates a sleek flattering silhouette by continuing down to around your thighs. This piece does something even better though. When I wear it with black bottoms it ties the blacks together and disguises the break between the top and bottom. The rounded gold pattern breaks it up further and tricks the eye into thinking that the tunic just keeps going, elongating your body that much more.

The belt just above my bump is equally creative in it’s usefulness and style. You’d think it’s just a normal, well placed, flattering belt to highlight your best parts by breaking up your bump from your bust. But it actually does much more than just look good. The belt actually has two hidden ties, one in front and another in back that enable you to keep it in perfect position at all times. As I’m sure you all know, this is incredibly helpful when trying to keep clothes in place over an 8 month baby bump (and take a bunch of pictures)! They clearly understand pregnant women’s struggle and went the extra mile to make it easy to look good and stay comfortable, all while hiding underneath a beautiful and unassuming belt.

Maybe the best thing about this outfit is the fact that it looks great on a pregnant body, but it will be just as gorgeous after giving birth. This beloved tunic will fall perfectly on my post-preggo body and look just as amazing. It’s definitely worth investing in high quality pieces like this when you can feel beautiful and be able to use it for longer than just the 2-3 months when you’re super pregnant. Overall, the slimming base color, feminine, silky material and metallic gold pattern make this piece both chic, Luxe, and a must have for pregnancy.

*Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on your order when you enter the code SVKFD at the checkout*

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The Shacket (Shirt/jacket)

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(Photographs by Lizzy Jean Photography, special discount on your Maternity/Newborn pictures for all Mychicbump followers!)

Denim Shirt:  JCrew (Maternity style here). Last seen here  |  Striped Top: Similar style here  |  Pants: Papaya Co (Maternity style here)

One of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe is a chambray top, or mostly known as the denim shirt. This simple piece can be worn in half a dozen different ways (depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy). For example, you can wear it as your basic tee shirt. Layer it with a cardigan over the top and your favorite pair or jeans. Denim on denim? Yep! Just make sure you pair them with washes that aren’t identical. Add  a pop of color with either a bold colored belt or jewelry.

If you’re like me, 8 months pregnant, and can no longer button up a blouse for the life of me then the best way to wear a denim top is by using it as a  jacket. What I love about wearing it as a jacket is that I can wear it with basically anything! I can wear it under or over a dress (see here), a striped skirt, colored jeans or jeggings, fun patterns like a leopard print, under a sweater as a layering piece, and many, many more! Talk about versatility!

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Nice and Cozy: The Snug

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Photographs by Lizzy Jean Photography

Top: Motherhood (Last seen here), Scarf: Bohme Boutique in stores, Pants: Bohme Boutique, Boots: old, Charlotte Russe

Growing a baby is hard work and I have the aches, pains and bodily discomforts to prove it. For days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed, I put on the coziest clothes I can find in my closet to give me that ultimate comfort I desperately need to get me through. Remember gals, coziness doesn’t mean to pull on a pair of baggy old sweats, this is true especially during pregnancy.  When it comes to staying comfortable but still looking fabulous, a good rule of thumb is to choose pieces that are fitted or hug you in all the right places. What do i mean by that? Well, for example you can still wear clothes that are loose and flowy, like this sweater i’m wearing above, as long as you pair it with a structured jacket or the top itself comes with ruching on the sides. That way you make sure only your best features and curves are shown and it will always give you that flattering silhouette all of us, pregnant women, look for in an outfit. Follow this simple rule and wear your bump proudly!

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