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Nurse In Style

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Shawl: Seraphine Maternity | Dress: Victoria’s Secret Clothing | Shoes: Old, similar style here

As a new mamma or soon-to-be,  when nothing seems to fit, the idea of having to build a new wardrobe can be terribly overwhelming, not to mention stressful. While it may seem like stocking up on maternity clothes is the way to go, the key here is to invest in pieces that can be worn in many different ways, and most importantly, a piece that is sure to stay in your closet even after the bump disappears.

A piece that I personally love was given to me by Seraphine Maternity and its fast becoming one of my favorite items! Say hello to where fashion meets functionality! The Breastfeeding Bamboo Shawl not only serves as a nursing cover, but get this, it also works as a beautifully draped shawl and scarf! And the best part is that it will work for you during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, nursing and beyond!

  • As a shawl, it oozes elegance and grace.
  • As a nursing cover,  it provides stylish functionality and privacy.
  • As a scarf, it finishes off any outfit with a classy touch.

You’ll love snuggling up your baby under this soft and delicate wrap. And because it comes in this gorgeous latte color, it can work as a neutral and go with almost any ensemble!

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Sweet Little Peanut Feature

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sweet little peanut logo

We are so excited to announce we are being featured on Sweet Little Peanut today, a style-savvy guide to bringing up baby! We’ve already seen an incredible amount of love and can’t thank you enough for all the sweet comments and encouraging words you’ve shared with us. If you haven’t yet, head over to see our guest post here

The perfect white blouseThe perfect white blouse

Falling for KnitsFalling for KnitsFalling for KnitsSimply ChicSimply ChicSimply Chic

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Color Me Pregnant

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Blazer: Forever21 | Top: Forever21 | Pants: Seraphine Maternity | Shoes: Kate Spade (Last seen here) | Bag: Old, similar style here

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Fitness: Bye Bye Flab Workout – Xtend Barre

In Fitness on February 20, 2013 at 9:35 am


A special thanks to my girls at Xtend Barre in Provo! If you have on in your area, you should definitely give it a try!

postpregnancy fitnesspostpregnancy workout

Balancing T’s

This is one of my favorite full body exercises because every inch of your body is working to keep you aligned and in good form. To do the exercise, stand up straight and put your hands over your head as if you were going to dive into a pool with perfect form. As you keep your arms pointed out above your head, bend your waist and lower your upper in front of you until your chest is parallel (or as close to parallel as you can) with the floor. As you lean forwards balance yourself by raising one of your legs behind you and slightly bending the leg on the ground.. Try to keep your back (raised) leg as straight as possible. The closer you can get to looking like the letter “T” from the side the better! Try and hold it with the best form possible for 10-15 seconds, then stand up and alternate legs. Do 5-6 with each leg.

postpregnancy workout

Running Bicycle Crunch

I feel like this one always gives me a great ab workout! Get down as if you were going to do a pushup with your arms a little more than shoulder width apart, your feet together and your back straight from your shoulders to your ankles. Now use your abs to pull one knee upwards towards your stomach/chest then drive it back to its starting position. As soon as your foot is back in its starting position do the same with your other knee/leg. Together this makes one rep. Make sure that you use your abs to pull your knee up rather than your leg/thigh muscles. Also, throughout the exercise hold your abs tight by flexing your stomach, then imagine trying to pull your bellybutton back towards your spine. Do 4 sets of 20.

postpregnancy workout

Side Plank

Start out in pushup position and rotate your torso 90 degrees while lifting one of your arms towards the ceiling. Try to hold your body as straight and flat as possible and focus on using your obliques (the long muscles that go down your sides and frame your abs) and core to keep you stabilized. Hold for 30 seconds and do 3-5 times on each side. If you find it’s too hard to keep good form, lower yourself by resting on your elbow/forearm and knees instead of your hands an feet. *Note – It’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re keeping good form since you can’t see your whole body at once so feel free to have a friend watch the first few times to help.

postpregnancy workout


This one always gets me! Start by sitting on the floor with your legs bent in front of you and your arms extended in front parallel to the ground. Lower your upper body backwards while extending your legs in front of you. Without resting on the floor raise your body back up to starting position to complete one repetition. Do 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions. As much as possible, try not to push your stomach out as your muscles contract. Instead, try to hold them flat like on the bicycle crunch


Super Leg Lifts

From sitting position put you hands behind you and lift your butt off the ground. Lift one leg towards the ceiling using your abs and not your leg muscles. As much as possible try to keep your leg and back straight. Do 2-3 sets of 10 lifts on each leg. If you’re a beginner just lift your foot to shoulder level instead of above your head. Also, if you’re pregnant or have an injury to your back you can place a ball or pillow behind you to give you extra support.

A key to all of these exercises is to keep good form and use your core to do the movements. That way you’ll avoid injury and strengthen your whole body.


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The Every Day Wave

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Hair tutorial 1Hair tutorial 2hair tutorial 3hair tutorial 3hair tutorial 4hair tutorial 5hair tutorial 6img_4575 2NumeStyle products

Nume 4 Play | Hairspray 

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Romantic Simple Silhouettes

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Maternity dresses

1. Asos Maternity Lace Dress

lace dress

2.  Chiffon Dress With Scalloped Edge

chiffon dress

3. BCBG Sleeveless Drape Maternity Dress

BCBG maternity dress

4. Fuchsia Knot Front Cap Sleeved Dress

seraphine maternity dress

5.  Asos Maternity Tulip Dress

Maternity dress

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Dearest Daughter (2 months old) …

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You are two months old, baby girl! Where does the time go!  On one hand it feels like you just got here, and on the other hand it feels like you’ve been here forever! You are such a sweet, tender, loving little thing. You have completely stolen our hearts.

Every morning I wake up with you next to me, cooing and smiling … it’s my favorite part of the day!! Just the two of us, while everyone else is still asleep. I love seeing your face light up when you recognize mine and OH THE SMILES! Melts my heart every time I see that little toothless smile of yours!

You are growing strong and healthy, weighting in at a whopping 13.8 lbs!! (OVER the 100th percentile!!). It’s no wonder you are already wearing 3 month clothing and even some 3-6 mo! Everyone at the doctor’s office sure got a good laugh! That’s right, mommy may be tiny but she sure knows how to make happy chubby babies!

Your sissy, Naomi, adores you! Asking for baby sister is the very first thing she does when she wakes up and you smile the biggest when you see her! She loves to help changing your diaper, and begs to be the one that burps you every time after each feeding. If it was left up to her, she would carry you around the house all day without any help from mommy. I love seeing you two bond. I cant imagine anything better than being your mom. I feel so incredibly blessed.

Happy two months sweet love!


Tu Mamita


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Top Picks

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Here are your Top Picks of the Month! Thank you for all the love! Keep coming back for more styling tips and don’t forget to share it with friends! (Previous Top Picks of the Month: October, September, August)

On Trend: The Tregging

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The tregging @MychicbumpThe tregging @Mychicbump

Connect the Dots

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connect the dots @MychicbumpRed jeans @Mychicbump

Leather and Stud

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leather and stud @Mychicbump Leather and Stud @Mychicbump

Stripes Made Simple

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stripes made simple @Mychicbump stripes made simple 2 @Mychicbump

The perfect White Blouse

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white blouse @Mychicbump white blouse 2 @Mychicbump

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