Lipstick. Check! Heels. Check! Bump. Check!

A little bit about myself … My honey and I have been married for almost 4 years. I like to tease him and tell everybody I married my Facebook stalker because well, it’s not very far from the truth actually. Thank goodness for wise mothers that give you the push that you need, in my case to stalk him back and look through his Facebook page before I ignore him. Haha! The day we actually met face to face we talked and talked and laughed for hours! We didn’t want it to end and Michael made sure of that. Two months later we were engaged and were married two months after that! Best decision of my life! I’m so grateful to know I’ll wake up every morning with him next to me. I am one of those women that consider themselves really lucky.

Michael and I have the funniest, cutest 2 yr old with the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen and sadly, she gets it from her daddy and not from me. On November 23rd, we welcomed our second daughter Camila into our family and she has quickly stolen our hearts. It wouldn’t be a regular day at the Zaro household without impromptu dancing, wrestling (yes, wrestling Sigh), the sweet aroma of daddy’s dinner coming from the kitchen, and Naomi’s recent fascination of pretending to sing like a professional (very loud) opera singer! Add a newborn into the mix and you’ll definitely find some chaos but also a lot of laughter and hopefully we’re building great memories for our sweet girls along the way.

Creating came as a way to document my pregnancy this second time around. I quickly started getting requests from followers to continue giving tips on how to style while wearing a bump. Literally. And from there on started building up a large group of very loyal followers made up of these extraordinary women that are more often than not struggling to find chic, stylish maternity clothes and are tempted to put on their husband’s T shirts because nothing seems to fit. And I think we’ve all been there. For a pregnant woman with a very pregnant body, getting dressed can bring up a lot of anxiety and we start fixating on our perceived figure flaws. I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. But it all comes down to choosing clothes that better accentuate what’s most beautiful about us, pregnant women, our baby bump!

At MyChicBump, women can find flattering tips and tricks I’ve learned while carrying my own baby bump and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be expanding the blog to include fitness, beauty and kids’ fashion. To learn more check out our post “Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013”

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