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The Power of Yoga

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Hi my name is Heather Jenson. Wife of 10 years to my best friend, mother of 2 beautiful children (plus a cute little dog) and baby #3 on the way!  I am currently 7 months pregnant and in my 3rd trimester (30 Weeks). I am a certified AFAA Fitness Instructor, Marathon Runner, Triathlete and love to teach a variety of Group Exercise classes like Yoga, Pilates, Body Pump, Turbo kick and Boot camp classes to name a few. I am a firm believer in trying to eat healthy and exercise daily to look and feel your best! I like the saying “Train like a Beast, Look Like a Beauty” 🙂


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I have had a different experience with each pregnancy so far. I have always been an active person, but it wasn’t until I had my first child, a girl, that I wanted to get back into shape better than ever. I had a decently healthy pregnancy with my first which I maintained with walking and yoga. But since I have a small frame and was not working out everyday I gained 50 pounds! If you are underweight at the time of getting pregnant, most doctors won’t worry too much if you gain a little over the required amount, but I gained probably more than I should have. As soon as I got the ok to exercise from the Doc, I signed myself up for my first Half marathon. I was so scared! But I did it and lost all of the baby weight by eating healthy and putting in the required running miles with cross training in my routine as well. You need to be strong to finish a half marathon! I became addicted to running and loved how it made me feel and wanted more. Then I took the plunge of something I had always wanted to do and signed up for my first full marathon! My daughter was 18 months old and a great training buddy in our jogging stroller 🙂


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I got pregnant a year later with our second child, a boy, and was busy teaching 7 group exercise classes a week and maintaining my marathon training regiment. I continued to do so while cutting back a little each month as my pregnancy progressed. I taught my last class about a week before my son was born. I delivered a healthy baby boy and only gained about 35 pounds this time around. It was so much easier to bounce back after him because I had maintained a healthy pregnancy the entire 9 months. So much so that I ran another marathon when my son was just 4 months old. I was nursing exclusively and trained my body right by slowly increasing my miles and making sure I took in enough healthy calories to nourish me and my baby. I was able to lose all 35 pounds by about the 4 month mark. I also had a healthy strong body that helped me keep up with 2 kids!


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This being my 3rd Pregnancy, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was incredibly sick the first trimester and beyond, until about 20 weeks. I was never this sick with my other two pregnancies so it was a complete curve ball for me. I remember many days laying in bed praying for the nausea and vomiting to end. I was able to go on some medicine which helped take the edge off but never really had full relief. I continued to bike and do yoga and ran when I could. It was a struggle everyday but I knew it would get better eventually. As long as I didn’t get dehydrated and planned to exercise when I felt good enough too, it really helped me escape from the sickness. Finally I started to feel a little better and was grateful I had kept exercising though it. I ran a Half Marathon at 20 weeks with a good friend who has the same due date as me. We wanted to run a “Half Marathon, Halfway to baby”. We even made shirts that said “Baby On Board”. It was such an accomplishment for me at my half way point through the rocky first part of the pregnancy. I am happy to say I feel better than ever with this pregnancy and am still running and teaching fitness classes 7 months along. I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby so far and I know it is greatly attributed to exercising regularly.


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Now don’t, get me wrong…. I have my days when exercising is the last thing I want to do and the pregnancy craving simply scream at me when I am trying to be good! As far as nutrition, never limit your calories while pregnant if you are running or training for anything! And of course, talk to your doctor and make sure you have the green light to participate in that 5k or take that Pilates class you want to take. At any stage in your pregnancy there are certain do’s and don’ts. Always abide by them and remember its better to be safe than sorry. For example, I am a triathlete and competed in my first Half Ironman last summer before I got pregnant and like to cycle now. When you’re pregnant your balance is off and it is not advised to be on busy roads with cars and lose gravel on a road bike if you are carrying a baby inside you! So I have been riding the stationary bike alot and going to spin class. Both great exercises for pregnancy and completely safe! I also like the emails I get each week from and love reading the Fit Pregnancy magazine and blog.


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I had the amazing opportunity of going to Hawaii with my Husband 2 weeks ago for his companies work retreat. We had a wonderful “Baby Moon” and stayed active by snorkeling, running and swimming while there. I also had the amazing opportunity to take a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Class (SUP YOGA). I have taught yoga for about 6 Years now and had never had the opportunity to do anything like that. So I went for it! It was incredibly challenging and so fun! It was really hard to balance on the board with a 7 months pregnant belly, but I was so glad I did it! I only fell in the water once too! I surprised myself with what I could do. It is something that I will remember forever and hope to get the opportunity again while not pregnant 🙂


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Yoga is something that I have always loved in my training regiment with running and triathlon training, and it is something that most any pregnant woman can do. I am currently still teaching Power yoga and it still makes me feel so good when I finish teaching a class. I would encourage all pregnant women to look into a local yoga class and get started! No matter what stage you are in, yoga is fabulous for Pregnant bodies and Pregnant minds. There are many yoga DVD’s on the market right now as well that are inexpensive and can be practiced in the privacy of your own home. You can try anything from Prenatal Yoga, to relaxation yoga to Power Yoga depending on you fitness level and goals for your pregnancy. I know I need my yoga at least once a week to help stretch my muscles, calm my mind, and get a little break from my 2 sweet, crazy kids before the next one comes!
You also, always need to stay hydrated! Hydration during pregnancy is more precious than usual. Your body needs water to form amniotic fluid, produce extra blood volume, build new tissue, carry nutrients, help indigestion, and flush out your wastes and toxins from you and baby! Drinking lots of fluids during pregnancy helps, ease constipation and hemorrhoids, softens skin, and decreases risk of urinary tract infections and preterm labor. It’s a good idea to get eight cups each day, and if it’s hot or if you’ve been exercising, you probably need even more. I always keep a water bottle with me while in the car or running errands. That way I always have some to sip on and its always ready when I hit the gym. At home I fill up a big glass of ice water and leave it out visible in whatever room I’m in. That way I see it and make sure I drink throughout the day.


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I have learned more than anything with this pregnancy to enjoy the ride and be grateful for the way my body is changing to make way for the little miracle that is coming soon. Every mom needs some pampering too, so try to find something that will relax you and make you feel beautiful! Take a bubble bath, paint your toes (Um, maybe not with that belly! Have someone else paint them for you or splurge and go get a pedicure 🙂 indulge in that craving you have, and take pictures of your bump! I had some maternity pictures taken of me last month and was so glad I did them. I struggled with pictures of me pregnant my first 2 times and wanted to change that with this pregnancy. I really am glad I did and I really feel beautiful in them. (Maternity pictures by the talented Brittany of


Good luck to all you expectant moms out there and remember to enjoy your bump!


Written by Heather Jenson
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Motherhood by Sharstin Miller

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My Thoughts on Mommyhood ….

Becoming a mom is like no other. Even when I was young I was excited to be a mom someday, and would talk about favorite baby names and how fun it would be to have a baby.  When I did become a mom for the first time, it changed me forever.  Of course it is a huge adjustment in a life where you are just used to taking care of yourself–a little overwhelming–but the best thing in the world.  I never knew so much love as I feel for my littles. The love and bond that you have with this little human being that you carried for 9 months, and all ready feel like you know. My kiddos have made me a better person, more patient, more aware, and they teach me everyday.

What I love most on a day to day basis are those little moments–when they wake up with the crazy bed head  and want loves, when we are riding in the car and they are asking me a million questions about everything and anything, and when I get to have one on one time with them.  I love to watch the kiddos experience new things–the everyday happenings can be something so amazing and exciting to little kids–it makes you want to really stop and enjoy those small things in life that we rush through.

Is being a mom tough? ummm…yeah! hardest thing there is! Some days i don’t know how i will get through the day in one piece–but boy is it worth it! I am a huge believer that you need to have time for yourself and have those hobbies and passions outside of your roles at home–if I didn’t, I know I would be a crazy person.

I truly believe being a mom is the best job in the world–I feel so blessed that I have these babies in my life.

sharstin family 2

What are some things you’ve found helpful in helping your older children connect with your unborn child?
  • What we have done is just try to involve them as much as possible. They always get to hear the names we are thinking of, and like to add their input. They love to help get things ready in the nursery, and come to the appointments and see the baby. They constantly ask when the baby is gong to be here and if he is sleeping in my belly or awake. With our littlest Nora who is 2, we just talk to her about the baby and how much fun it will be to have him in our family. 
sharstin 6
What have you been craving during this pregnancy? 
  • I love anything lemon all the time, but especially when i am pregnant! it is my favorite thing. I try to eat healthy–but on a friday night when i feel like a butterfinger ice cream shake, you better believe i am going to have one.

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How do you stay so fit while pregnant? Did you lucked out with great genes? 😉
  • I wish i had those amazing genes! and was one of those incredibly cute pregos! ha!  I am an avid runner and love to exercise, so i really try and keep that up as long as i possibly can while i am pregnant. As i get farther along, it gets a little tough to do everything i want to do, but i will just modify and not go as hard. I think the key is to listen to your body.
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From past experience, how did you wean your children from breastfeeding?
  • I was only able to breastfeed one of my babes– so I don’t know that i am to skilled in this area–but starting out, i tried to introduce the bottle early, just giving her one every few days or so. That way I felt like if I was out, or needed to gone for a while there wouldn’t be an issue of trying to have her take a bottle. I breast fed for 8 months, and since she was all ready used to getting a bottle every now and then the transition was really easy.

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 Diaper Bag Essentials
sharstin diaper essentials 1
  • I always like to have an extra swaddling blanket-Marquisette swaddler in grey is a perfect lightweight one for the summer and i also love this little striped number {here}
  • Lipstick – A favorite cheap go-to is Maybelline Coral Crush – It’s just a subtle coral and just adds that bit of color you want  on a day to day without being too bold. It is a lot like MAC Impassioned but only $5 at the drugstore.
  • Always carry an extra onesie for those blowout moments – that happen more than we like to admit.
  • Diapers and wipes, of course! We go for the Kirkland brand – Why? Because getting in bulk at Costco is always a bonus.
  • I always carry an extra pair on sunnies in my diaper bag – usually just a cheap pair from Forever21.


Find this gorgeous mama and talented photographer at Me & Mine

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Nurse In Style

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Shawl: Seraphine Maternity | Dress: Victoria’s Secret Clothing | Shoes: Old, similar style here

As a new mamma or soon-to-be,  when nothing seems to fit, the idea of having to build a new wardrobe can be terribly overwhelming, not to mention stressful. While it may seem like stocking up on maternity clothes is the way to go, the key here is to invest in pieces that can be worn in many different ways, and most importantly, a piece that is sure to stay in your closet even after the bump disappears.

A piece that I personally love was given to me by Seraphine Maternity and its fast becoming one of my favorite items! Say hello to where fashion meets functionality! The Breastfeeding Bamboo Shawl not only serves as a nursing cover, but get this, it also works as a beautifully draped shawl and scarf! And the best part is that it will work for you during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, nursing and beyond!

  • As a shawl, it oozes elegance and grace.
  • As a nursing cover,  it provides stylish functionality and privacy.
  • As a scarf, it finishes off any outfit with a classy touch.

You’ll love snuggling up your baby under this soft and delicate wrap. And because it comes in this gorgeous latte color, it can work as a neutral and go with almost any ensemble!

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Labor Day Sales!

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Buying a pregnancy wardrobe all at once can be expensive, so make sure to take advantage of great deals when they come up. Even if you’re not pregnant right now, you can get a head start on buying the basics so you can plan ahead for when you are.

If you’re looking for great Labor Day Sales on maternity clothes, here are a couple of places you may want to check first!

Motherhood Labor Day Sale!


GAP Maternity Labor Day Sales!

Old Navy Maternity Labor Day Sales!

A Pea in the Pod Sale!

You can also find adorable (and affordable!) maternity wear at  …

ASOS Maternity (Don’t forget to check out their Clearance section!)

Stay on trend with Topshop Maternity

Going to a special occasion? Find gorgeous maternity dresses at Isabella Oliver

(Sales up to 50% 0ff!)

Find amazing sales at More of Me Maternity

Happy shopping!

A very special thanks…

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… Goes to my wonderful husband for being my #1 fan every step of the way on this new project I’m embarking on. And also, to my beautiful little girl who showers me with kisses and hugs every single day. My life would be incomplete without them.

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