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Neon & Stripes, Oh My!

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Striped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressMCB073Striped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressStriped Maternity DressStriped Maternity Dress

Photos by Jessica Bishop, Byjessphotography  |  Model: Melanie Yeats

Dress: Isabella Oliver  |  Hat: Target  |  Clutch: Target  |  Sandals: Prabal Gurung

Whether on the beach, running errands or chasing kids, this look brings easy comfort to your busy day. Full length ruching plays well on your growing belly and bends with you while accentuating your best curves! We are loving the Betty Striped Maternity Dress from Isabella Oliver!

Play with pops of color to add personality for a fun summer look. For added flare, think Neon! Combine with playful accessories for a casual, yet chic statement.

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**A special thanks to the gals from The Daily Dish for inviting us to the show on Monday and of course, to my beautiful models/moms-to-be/superwomen who came with me and allowed us to dressed them up!  I couldn’t have done it without each one of you!**

For a link to see video of the show, go to Features

abc4 The Daily dish


Soft & Feminine

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Coral lace and denim shirtCoral lace and denim shirtDSC_5137Coral lace and denim shirtDSC_5167Coral lace and denim shirtCoral lace and denim shirt

Photography by Heather Telford Photography

Lace Jacket: Forever21  |  Denim shirt:  Asos Maternity (Also previously seen here + herehere)   |  Leather leggings: Nordstrom  |  Purse: Forever21, similar style here   | Shoes: Forever21

To all my Utah readers, don’t forget to tune into ABC 4 The Daily Dish at 11:00am mdt TODAY!  You will get to hear from the gals behind Mychicbump on  Spring Maternity Looks; our favorite go-to outfits and what trends to look for this season!

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Post Pregnancy Fitness Journey & Wellness Tips

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megan post pregnancy fitness 15

My Pregnancy

During the long and lovely 9 months of pregnancy I somehow managed to gain almost 70 pounds!!!  I’m only 5”1 so for someone my size, that is A LOT! In addition to almost being 2 weeks over due, I found out I had Pre-eclampsia right after delivery.  That did not help with the weight because you gain water weight like a whale!!! I was forced to have an emergency c-section which also puts a damper on quick weight loss after baby.

I was always a petite girl and so naturally EVERYONE and their mom told me the lies of advice that I wish I had never heard, “you will be back to your skinny self in no time… you will be one of those girls who can wear her skinny jeans home from the hospital… I bet you won’t gain any baby weight at all!”  Never say that to anyone!  I had it in my mind that I would have no problem shedding the weight.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I was starting to worry about how much weight I was putting on.  The doctors said it was normal, but I could not for the life of me stay full! (I swear that my baby was going to be a sumo wrestler or 20lbs, although he was over 9 pounds!!!) If I could go back I would definitely start an exercise routine from the beginning and be more aware of the food I was putting in my body. I have learned a lot more now about what foods are healthy AND keep you full.

megan post pregnancy fitness 9

Now to the diet….

I knew how to eat healthy, but I wanted something extreme to kick start my body.  After a few weeks of not losing much and getting discouraged, I went and stayed with my sister-in-law while our husbands were away for work.  She knows a lot about health and has done many juice fasts and raw eating.  We cut out sugar, dairy, and gluten for 5 weeks.  I’m not going to lie, it was hard for the first few days to be off sugar.  I didn’t realize how much of it I ate until I couldn’t! Every morning we would start with a green drink.  (A blended drink with fruit and spinach, my baby loves them too!) There are lots of recipes you can try, but we would just throw together whatever fruit we had.  If you are scared of spinach, just start with a few pieces and add more each drink!   We ate a lot of drive thru salads, bananas with peanut butter, and scrambled egg mixtures.  I ended up losing about 15 pounds in those 5 weeks!  During that time I felt so good!  My body felt very clean and like it was running at my best! There are so many people eating healthy right now that it is easy to get recipes and ideas from other people, you just have to look!

I definitely lost the most weight between 5-7 months post baby.  I think a lot of it had to do with being more active and nursing!  My 22 pound baby was eating and eating, which helped me burn more calories.  I committed to go on more walks outside or even around malls or grocery stores.  I wanted to be moving more than sitting!  It hasn’t been the easiest to stick to that strict diet.  On most days I still try to cut out sugar and gluten, and fill my meals with lean meats and vegetables.  If I do eat bad, I try to just stay positive and do my very best.  Nobody is perfect!  You have to find what works for you and what makes YOU feel good. After the weight slowed down I started going to the gym to lose those last 10 pounds!  My favorite for cardio is the stair stepper or the bike.  If I had my choice, I would attend a Yoga class every day.  It definitely makes me feel so relaxed and ready to take on a new day! Bottom line… GET MOVING!

megan post pregnancy fitness 5

My favorite healthy snacks

  • Carrots with individual packs of hummus (from Costco)
  • Greek yogurt with healthy granola
  • Apples with organic peanut butter or cheese stick
  • Avacado with ANYTHING
  • Trail mix, and throw out the M&M’s if you are brave J

My favorite things to make a healthy meal

  • Quinoa (there are so many good recipes, I add it to all my salads too)
  • Pesto tilapia
  • Plain oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla, and fresh peaches- or any fruit
  • Asparagus baked in the oven with olive oil (soooo good)
  • Fruit salad and chicken (any fruit and veggies you have, mix chicken in some plain greek yogurt, salt –pepper, then lettuce and yum!)

As far as weight goes… it took me about 7-8 months to get back to my pre-baby weight and lose almost 60 pounds.  My body is still not where I want it to be, I’m quite sure it never will be.  I just keep reminding myself that I had a baby, a giant one at that.   It is definitely embarrassing to post pictures of my lovely baby body for lots of people to see, but I hope that it can give at least one person motivation!

In today’s world it is very hard for women to have any self esteem.  There is such a large shoe to fill for moms to be so skinny and perfect after a baby.  I got very discouraged and self conscience for a long time, thinking that I would just be a chubby mom forever.  I wish that I had someone’s story to read and tell me that it is normal to look the way I did, and that not everyone has such an easy time losing the weight.  I know that some people take even longer than me to lose it! Don’t ever quit trying!!! If you eat a donut and feel like giving up, just eat it with a smile and start fresh in the morning. Babies are a blessing and our bodies go through so many miracles and changes to make them!  It’s a reminder to me each day that my body made a human being.

My wish is that if you are reading this, love your babies and your body!  You are wonder woman and can do anything you set your mind to!

– XOXO Megan Crane

megan post pregnancy fitness 12megan post pregnancy fitness 13Megan post pregnancy fitness 4Megan post pregnancy fitnessmegan post pregnancy fitness 7

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Motherhood by Sharstin Miller

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sharstin family

My Thoughts on Mommyhood ….

Becoming a mom is like no other. Even when I was young I was excited to be a mom someday, and would talk about favorite baby names and how fun it would be to have a baby.  When I did become a mom for the first time, it changed me forever.  Of course it is a huge adjustment in a life where you are just used to taking care of yourself–a little overwhelming–but the best thing in the world.  I never knew so much love as I feel for my littles. The love and bond that you have with this little human being that you carried for 9 months, and all ready feel like you know. My kiddos have made me a better person, more patient, more aware, and they teach me everyday.

What I love most on a day to day basis are those little moments–when they wake up with the crazy bed head  and want loves, when we are riding in the car and they are asking me a million questions about everything and anything, and when I get to have one on one time with them.  I love to watch the kiddos experience new things–the everyday happenings can be something so amazing and exciting to little kids–it makes you want to really stop and enjoy those small things in life that we rush through.

Is being a mom tough? ummm…yeah! hardest thing there is! Some days i don’t know how i will get through the day in one piece–but boy is it worth it! I am a huge believer that you need to have time for yourself and have those hobbies and passions outside of your roles at home–if I didn’t, I know I would be a crazy person.

I truly believe being a mom is the best job in the world–I feel so blessed that I have these babies in my life.

sharstin family 2

What are some things you’ve found helpful in helping your older children connect with your unborn child?
  • What we have done is just try to involve them as much as possible. They always get to hear the names we are thinking of, and like to add their input. They love to help get things ready in the nursery, and come to the appointments and see the baby. They constantly ask when the baby is gong to be here and if he is sleeping in my belly or awake. With our littlest Nora who is 2, we just talk to her about the baby and how much fun it will be to have him in our family. 
sharstin 6
What have you been craving during this pregnancy? 
  • I love anything lemon all the time, but especially when i am pregnant! it is my favorite thing. I try to eat healthy–but on a friday night when i feel like a butterfinger ice cream shake, you better believe i am going to have one.

sharstin family 4

How do you stay so fit while pregnant? Did you lucked out with great genes? 😉
  • I wish i had those amazing genes! and was one of those incredibly cute pregos! ha!  I am an avid runner and love to exercise, so i really try and keep that up as long as i possibly can while i am pregnant. As i get farther along, it gets a little tough to do everything i want to do, but i will just modify and not go as hard. I think the key is to listen to your body.
sharstin family 5
From past experience, how did you wean your children from breastfeeding?
  • I was only able to breastfeed one of my babes– so I don’t know that i am to skilled in this area–but starting out, i tried to introduce the bottle early, just giving her one every few days or so. That way I felt like if I was out, or needed to gone for a while there wouldn’t be an issue of trying to have her take a bottle. I breast fed for 8 months, and since she was all ready used to getting a bottle every now and then the transition was really easy.

sharstin family 7

 Diaper Bag Essentials
sharstin diaper essentials 1
  • I always like to have an extra swaddling blanket-Marquisette swaddler in grey is a perfect lightweight one for the summer and i also love this little striped number {here}
  • Lipstick – A favorite cheap go-to is Maybelline Coral Crush – It’s just a subtle coral and just adds that bit of color you want  on a day to day without being too bold. It is a lot like MAC Impassioned but only $5 at the drugstore.
  • Always carry an extra onesie for those blowout moments – that happen more than we like to admit.
  • Diapers and wipes, of course! We go for the Kirkland brand – Why? Because getting in bulk at Costco is always a bonus.
  • I always carry an extra pair on sunnies in my diaper bag – usually just a cheap pair from Forever21.


Find this gorgeous mama and talented photographer at Me & Mine

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The Camo Trend & Contest Winner Announced

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leather jacket cargo pants leather jacket cargo pants leather jacket cargo pants leather jacket cargo pants leather jacket cargo pants leather jacket cargo pants

Photography by Heather Telford Photography

Leather Jacket: Forever21; Maternity style option  |  Top: Similar style herehere   |  Pants: Target  | Boots: Target

Thanks for all the adorable pictures you all sent in (both private an public). There are so many beautiful pregnant women out there! I wish I could take you all! But unfortunately I can only bring one.  The winner will be personally styled by Mychicbump, get to wear one of the gorgeous outfits we’ll be highlighting during the segment, get to appear on TV, and have a meet & greet with the gals behind Mychicbump over lunch!

 And the winner of The Daily Dish Contest  is ……

contest dish winner

Please email me with your phone number so we can go over details together.

(Karen at Mychicbump dot com)

Watch for other fun opportunities like this one in the future!

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The Fur Vest Statement

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Denim shirt + fur vest 6Denim shirt + fur vest 2Denim shirt + fur vest 3Denim shirt + fur vest 5Denim shirt + fur vest 4Denim shirt + fur vest 1

Photography by Heather Telford Photography

Vest: H&M, similar style here (Last seen here)  |  Denim shirt: JCrew (Last seen here + here)| Leather leggings: Topshop . (Last seen here) |  Boots: Last seen here

For this trendy look,  I really wanted to go for a fun and bolder style.   As I’m sure you know by now, just because you are expecting doesn’t mean you have to wear ‘mommy jeans’ and baggy, unflattering clothes. Leather pants add a sophisticated edge to a pregnant woman’s outfit.  We’re all about finding ways to help you look spectacular throughout your pregnancy, and leather is one of the hottest trends this season (As previously seen under The leather jacket‘)

A faux fur is a fashion “do” no matter what the occasion (Last seen under ‘Stripes Made Simple’) In fact, you could wear this piece at the office, on the weekend or even as the finishing touch on your most glamorous of looks.  There are lots of fun ways you can wear a fur vest, and it will be the focal point of your outfit so keep the rest of the outfit a little more basic and fitted.  You can wear a fur vest with Leather pants, leggings, a maxi dress, a pencil skirt, a dress, or even shorts.  Since the vest will be drawing most of your outfit’s attention, avoid wearing too many accessories and different patterns so that you don’t overwhelm the look.  My personal favorite look is wearing it under a denim shirt (Last seen under ‘The Shacket’)

This outfit may feel a little outside your comfort zone but it’s easy, comfortable and cozy if you just give it a try.  Show us how you would wear a fur vest if you have one and post your picture on Instagram (Tag @karenzaro #mychicbump).  We can’t wait to see your own personal style on this fabulous trend!

Loving this quote today:

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is
stirring inside…
when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the
very first time,
and a playful kick reminds her that she
is never alone”

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Motherhood by Robin Harward

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Motherhood by Robin 9
Thoughts on Motherhood …
  • Becoming a mother was the most exquisite and natural transition I have ever made. It is my most favorite thing in the whole world. I had expected my new life to be so foreign and strange but instead it is wonderful and exactly as it should be.  Everything felt familiar and I felt as if I’d known this little person my whole life and I knew exactly what to do to take care of him. He had just joined our family and yet I felt I knew the contents of his soul. I couldn’t get over the fact that I had this perfect little human that was half of myself and half of my sweet husband and he was all ours. It hasn’t even been a year since Henry joined our family, and I can’t seem to recall what a day in my life was like before that glorious day of his arrival and I don’t want to. Our lives were forever changed and forever made so much better. As I have been blessed to watch him grow over the last 11 months, my patience and sanity have been tried as every sleep-deprived new mother knows. It’s been a sacrifice so exhausting and exhilarating. It may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done however I am happier than I’ve ever been and even more than I thought I ever could be. I can’t think of any other way I would choose to spend all my days, than with my sweet, little Henry man.

Motherhood by Robin 4

What has been the best breastfeeding advice you’ve received?
  • Probably the best advice I’ve been given wasn’t necessarily delivered as advice but I took the most from it. My mom and I were on vacation in Las Vegas and we were sitting in a crowded restaurant. The baby was getting pretty fussy and so I asked my mom if we could leave so I could feed him. She gave me a look and told me that nobody was paying attention or even cared and that I should just do it at the table. The thought made me really uncomfortable even though I knew I could be really discreet with a loose fitting top and a nursing cover. She then told me that just outside of that restaurant were thousands of women exposing a lot more of their body’s than I would be and that I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about feeding my child in a public place. It’s a natural, beautiful ability that we’ve been given as women, we shouldn’t let other people make us feel weird about it. From this experience, I have tried to always keep this in mind and just be concerned with what is best for my baby.
Motherhood by Robin 10
What helped you the most with dealing with discomforts and worries of pregnancy?
  • My husband. He was so sweet to me and so mindful of my every need. I had a preterm labor scare at 33 weeks and he slept next to me in the hospital on what had to be the smallest, firmest and most uncomfortable couch in the world. He calmed my imagination when I would paint him horror story pictures of labor and was by my side at every birthing class. He gave me massages on the daily, followed me around so I didn’t have to struggle to bend over to pick things up or get out of chairs. He really was (and still is!) a dream.
 Motherhood by Robin 11
What advice would you give to first time mothers that you wished you would’ve received?
  • I would say that labor and delivery are not scary. I was so scared and lost a lot of sleep thinking about it and stressing over whether I was prepared enough. It is definitely difficult, especially if you decide to do it naturally like I did, but the moment the doctor hands you your baby for the first time, you forget all about it. It will be the most wonderful and beautiful moment of your life. I look back on that day, as difficult as it was, as the most perfect day of my life. I would go through the labor and delivery again and again, just to relive that breathtaking moment.

Motherhood by Robin 8

Contents of my messy diaper bag… 🙂
robins diaper bag essentials 2
  • I have been using a hobo wallet for the past few years and it is fantastic. These little wallets can hold so much stuff. It has been so nice when I have to leave the baby, I can just pass over my whole diaper bag and take my wallet with me. It can hold a checkbook, lipstick, it has a space to connect my keys to it, it even comes with a little mirror! I am always good to go.
  • YSL lipstick – I always keep a good red with me such as Rose Paris.
  • Peek! Little Peanut baby beanie from Nordstrom in brown, similar style here – I always have a beanie with me because of this crazy Utah weather
  • “Thank You” card – I try to keep at least one with me at all times because I love giving cards and acknowledging sweet little everyday things people do for me. I usually just find any cute ones at Target but right now I’m really loving Rifle Paper Co.
  • Freeze dried fruit for the baby. Henry really likes bananas and peaches. 🙂 You can buy these in bulk a lot of places, but I have been getting little packs at Target.

 A special thanks to my darling friend, Robinett for sharing with us her thoughts on motherhood and new mom advice!

Motherhood by Robin 1

And if you can’t get enough of baby Henry’s pictures here is our favorite one!  We dare you not to smile!! #GangnamStyle

Motherhood by Robin 5

What a little stud!

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The Daily Dish Contest {CLOSED}

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For all my Utah readers, I have some exciting news to share with you today! I’ve been invited to be a guest on  ABC4′s The Daily Dish, March 25th, where I’ll be highlighting several Spring maternity looks. My plan was to style and bring 3 models but then thought it would be extra fun to bring a reader with me. So we have decided to bring another model, one of you!

In order to pick who will be coming along with me to the show, we’ll be having a mini contest. The winner will be personally styled by Mychicbump, get to wear one of the gorgeous outfits we’ll be highlighting during the segment, get to appear on TV, and have a meet & greet with the gals behind Mychicbump over lunch, our treat!

In order to enter, you must …..

  • #1 requirement BE PREGNANT
  • Be a follower of Mychicbump via Email (Click on the ‘Follow’ button on the bottom right side corner)
  • Take a picture of your pregnant self, post it to Instagram with #mychicbump @karenzaro
  • Leave a comment on the blog explaining why you’d like to come.

For additional entries …

Contest runs until 11:59pm on Friday, March 15th

Feel free to nominate your friends! I can’t wait to see all of your cute pregnant pictures!

Good luck!

New years 5

The Sweater Dress

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Sweater dress @MychicbumpSweater dress 4 @MychicbumpSweater dress 7 @MychicbumpSweater dress 2 @MychicbumpSweater dress 5 @MychicbumpSweater dress 6 @MychicbumpSweater dress 3 @Mychicbump

Photography by Heather Telford Photography

Coat: Similar style here | Dress: Old, similar style here | Maternity Leggings:  Topshop | Boots: Last seen here

Having to bundle up with too many layers of clothing can be uncomfortable and frustrating when you’re pregnant, especially during the cold winter months. So how do you you keep warm while staying chic and comfortable? Sweater dresses of course!

Sweater dresses are one of the most current trends in Winter wear because they not only keep you warm and cozy, but they look stunning as well!

Wearing a sweater dress is comfortable, but just as important, it’s fashionable. And since sweater dresses are already in the closets of women everywhere from before they were pregnant, why not take advantage of the stretchy comfort to complement your pregnant belly? You can find sweater dresses in any number of styles and designs that are made to provide a close but comfortable fit and a terrific look.  The best thing about sweater dresses is that its a way to wear sweaters without looking baggy and frumpy. Instead, a well fitting sweater dress hugs a woman’s curves and highlights her sexiness, always a plus when you may not feel your hottest while trying to dress up your baby bump.

Sweater dresses can be work for most occasions, including more formal looks with a tailored jacket or blazer, or a more casual style when paired with leggings. If you’re feeling adventurous, try wearing it with colored leggings for a casual, but cool look that gives colors from your dress some extra pop.

As far as accessories, try a fun scarf and dangly earrings to look extra put together for your date with your hubby. Your shoes will depend on the occasion but this outfit is flexible enough to work with a ballet flat (casual) or a pair of heels or pumps (formal/sexy) when you’re at work or out on the town. Boots can also give your outfit a chic touch just make sure they’re the right length so you elongate your legs as much as possible to look longer and leaner!

Wishing all of my ladies out there an amazing International Women’s Day today. Feel inspired!

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Xtend Barre Challenge Results

In Fitness on March 6, 2013 at 1:31 am


I have never been especially good at exercising regularly, and the gym was never really appealing to me. So when I heard about Xtend Barre combining dance (which I LOVE) and Pilates (which I had heard great things about) I wanted to give it a try. I was just coming off of my second pregnancy and getting back into shape was top priority for me. But even though I was committed to working hard, I was worried. I was out of shape and didn’t want to get hurt or look silly in front of other people who looked like they knew what they were doing. But Nicole  came to the rescue and helped me get started with a 1 month Xtend Barre Challenge.

You may have seen my post talking about the Xtend Barre Challenge and my first impressions working out there. In short, it was awesome! Beautiful facilities, great atmosphere, friendly teachers who really want to help you succeed, and even an adorable child care service that I could barely get my daughter to leave, she was having so much fun.

One of my favorite things in my experience with Xtend Barre was the close personal instruction you get, even in a 20 person class. Everyone knows the instructor by name, and they are right there with you every step of the way helping you reach your goals and learn the moves. Xtend really feels like a “Lady’s workout” because everything is focused on toning, chiseling and lengthening your whole body. The small, controlled motions are great for hitting specific areas hard and make it much easier to jump in and follow along right away. There’s no choreography to memorize or steps to worry about missing, just a killer workout using your own body weight and ability level. That was a really big deal for the women in the class who were still pregnant too. The instructors had modifications to ever exercise to make it safe for them, while still getting the workout they were looking for. On a side note, huge props to all the pregnant women in the class that were so on the ball and seriously took less breaks than I did! You rock!

As for my results, I was pretty sure I’d see a difference, but I really didn’t expect to see as quick or dramatic a change as I did. But the instructors did such an amazing job I was able to reach my goals even while missing almost a week with two terribly sick kiddos (#bronchitissucks #lifehappens).

My goal when I started out was to lose some of my baby weight and to tone up my body as I got into exercising regularly, really for the first time in my life. Let me just say, I am hooked! Not only was I able to reach my basic goals, but I feel healthier than I have in years. I lost 5.5 lbs already and dropped from a pant size of 4 back to between a 2 and a 0 (depending on the brand) like I was back before my FIRST baby! But more than getting back to a smaller size, I am amazed at how much stronger I already feel. I was never aware of my posture before but with my new and improved core muscles I find myself standing taller and feeling more balanced than ever before. My legs are physically and visibly more toned and with their focus on tightening your “challenge zone” my whole body feels more tight and dialed in. Plus, an unexpected but VERY welcome bonus was the huge boost in energy I feel. Whether taking care of sick kids late at night, or packing up the kids and going to the doctor and back too many times, I just have so much more energy and stamina than before that I can better deal with the craziness of life.

I’ve still got a ways to go before I reach my long term goals but if my already tighter, perkier booty is any indication I’ll be able to reach them in no time!

Huge thanks to Nicole and and the Xtend Barre instructors for making it such a wonderful experience and for helping me not only learn the exercises, but to do them right and experience my body moving in the right direction!

ImageXtend BarreImageImageImageImageImageImagextend barreImage IMG_3889 IMG_3916Image IMG_3929ImageXtend BarreXtend Barre

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